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BRIO 555

The BRIO 555 has been studied to be used as a sailing school boat - where it is common to carry many students with only one instructor. The BRIO 555 may thus be considered as a easier and quite version of Flying Dutchman. It is fast but quite stable and safe enough to be led also by a numerous and not very experienced crew. With two people on board, it becomes a non extreme sports boat, but all the same, it is highly performing and able to plane easily even with moderate wind conditions. The cockpit is very wide and extends along the whole length of the boat. In case the boat is used by a crew of two people, it is convenient to have a the deck from the bow to the mast. Under the seat near the mast there is a spacious locker for the stowage of personal objects, fenders, etc. The plans are available for the chine version in “stitch and glue” and for the round hull version in strip planking. More information at:

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