Carolina Sportfish 23

Classic, traditional styling and exceptional performance, are the culmination of many years of design and refinements. This particular style of craft excels in performance, functionality and seaworthiness. The wide beam, flared bow with a fine entry and the transom tumblehome are characteristic of the type. Paraphrasing the words of Buddy Davis, one of the best boat builders in this style, we can say that this boat is designed to cut through head seas, run on rails in following, breaking seas, and lie still while drifting in deep troughs waiting for a strike. With its deep, narrow entry, this type of hull doesn't pound, it slices. Thanks to its skeg, impossible to manufacture in an open mold fiberglass boat, it never wanders, it tracks.

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Albury sloop

Albury sloop Little M built in Abaco Bahamas