Clarence River Dory

The Clarence River Dory was designed for a Non Governmental agency involved in rebuilding the village based fishing fleet in East Timor after the Indonesian backed Miltitias had pretty much destroyed the countries assets.The boat had to be buildable by totally unskilled labour, suit the standard 15 hp motor used there, cheap, very tough, high capacity, and super seaworthy.  The prototype was built by Kiwi boatbuilder Barry Wicks and trialled on the Clarence River in Northern New South Wales ( Australia) before setting up a boatbuilding school in East Timor where the boats have since then been produced.The characteristics that make this boat well suited to its work, also make it perfect for inshore fishing, hunting, camp cruising or as a general workboat  in lakes, estuaries  or alongshore. 

Design Specs

John Welsford
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65B Platt Rd Matangi Hamiton RD4 3284 Phone: 64 (0) 7 8295282