CLC Cradle Boat

The CLC Cradle Boat is an exact 50% replica of the Eastport Pram, 47 inches long.  The hulls are identical in nearly every way, especially the hull shape, and construction is similar.  We've tweaked the interior to better suit the little ones, who won't need a rowing seat and daggerboard trunk just yet. We've drilled the holes for you where temporary "stitches" of copper wire hold the boat's handsome shape while you epoxy the planks.  Bulkheads drop into slots, so no measuring.Besides being a perfect gift for the family's newest little boatbuilder, the CLC Cradle Boat is an ideal first stitch-and-glue project, whether you're planning to move up to the Eastport Pram, Passagemaker Dinghy, or any CLC boat kit.  The Cradle Boat is made with the same A+ quality marine-grade okoume plywood as the rest of our boat kits. It's fastened together and coated with epoxy for toughness, so it will float, but please don't set any children or pets adrift in it.

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