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DRIADE cannot be truly considered a canoe, but rather as a rowing boat, ideal for those who wish to train for rowing with a simpler, more versatile, easier to handle and cheaper boat than the typical rowing skiffs - which are much longer and more difficult to handle. Of these DRIADE maintains some features, such as sliding seats and outriggers, but has the advantage of being easily carried on top of a normal car. The boat is stable in order to be used also for excursions, although this was not the original reason for which it was devised. Speed is closely linked to its waterline length, and even if it is not as fast as a rowing skiff, thanks to its streamlines, lightness and rowing efficiency, it is much faster than a normal rowing boat of the same size. The plans are available also for the strip planking construction. Both the chine and round hull version have similar characteristics. More information at: www.bcademco.it

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