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Even if it does not show, GIORMAX (designed to compete in the 10 Foot Class – is a classical boat: it is a replica of a boat called “Giormax” which was popular in Italy before the WW II. Of the original plan we have maintained the hull shape, modifying the sail and the design of the rudder. We have added two small “wings” around the cockpit to make it wider so as to be able to sit more comfortably, as well as to create a support when one has to lean outboard. Performances are very good, as it may be expected from a narrow boat, which by heeling reduces even further its waterplane and places the chine in the water for all of its length. Comfort and stability turned out to be much greater than expected. Whether sitting in the cockpit or on the “wings”, it is quite comfortable and stability is more than sufficient: to capsize you need to make a very serious mistake in manoeuvring. More information at:

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Albury sloop

Albury sloop Little M built in Abaco Bahamas