Sailboats - Cruising

HAKA 105

Haka 105 is designed without compromise as a first voyager. She offers adequate comfort and seakindliness but remains compact and simple to control building costs and maintenance.
Her shoal draft makes access possible to all rivers, harbours and anchorages.

Her long waterline provides a good cruising speed and a well-balanced hull.
High ballast ratio and powerful sections will give plenty of stability.
The Lerouge Twin Keel System is fitted in standard to combine safe drying out with simple construction and easy maintenance.

The fractional rig is extremely simple and easy to handle. Its staysail will be extremely useful to beat in rough weather. An asymmetric spinnaker tacked on the bowsprit will provide the fun in good weather.

The sandwich on plywood raised-deck is easy and cheap to build, protects the cockpit, gives an uncluttered deck plan and lots of internal volume.
The accommodation plan has been designed for the best comfort for a crew of two for extended cruises.

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