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Haka 123

Designed for voyaging, many Haka 123 have crossed oceans. Yet her centreboard gives access to all anchorages. The NACA section appendages ensures good windward performance. Combined with her long waterline, this modern hull reaches a good cruising speed.Balance can be adjusted under sails and the twin rudders give good control in broaching conditions. Low centre of gravity is achieved with a high ballast ratio and the deck camber help to recover from an eventual capsize.To simplify construction, for optimum strength and to facilitate handling, the plywood flush-deck is built on laminated beams with constant camber.Haka 123 has been built in many variants with central or aft cockpit, which means a large choice of accommodation layouts to suit each program and taste.The cutter rig is rugged and extremely easy to manage. Its yankee furls well and her staysail will be extremely useful to beat in rough weather.

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2017 Annapolis Wherry

18't self built from Cheasapeake Light Craft, includes trailer, rowing unit, cover, oars.