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Harbor Woodworks offers custom kits and boats, tailored to your specifications and level of completion. We ship to the U.S. and Canada.Some of John’s description follows --“The aim here was to reorient the boat from a rowing boat that would sail, and carry an outboard at a pinch to a sailing boat that would row, and ditto for the eggbeater. She sails well, well enough to get out and enjoy racing in a club dinghy fleet. Surprisingly she rows even better than the earlier boat, particularly when loaded, and the extra beam made her a lot nicer under power.For those who want to use a little “eggbeater” to push them out past the point in pursuit of the elusive fish, for those who find peace in exploring a quiet tidal creek under oars and for those who want to get away from it all under sail Janette has worked out to be a friend. Simple, inexpensive and with a real touch of class in her lines.”

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