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In the spring of 2013, I started to write a book called, How to Design a Boat using SketchUp 3D Software. The subject matter was my design, ‘Kalostyn’. After preparing a file of over 500 screenshots, I realised that, for the purpose of showing a beginner how to design a boat in SketchUp, the content of this design was too much.In May 2013, I re-visited the idea. Instead of a book, I’d write an article, hoping that Chuck Leinweber would publish it on his Duckworks Magazine website, and I’d keep the design very simple so that I could describe the whole design process as succinctly as possible.So I worked up a design for a 12′, shallow ‘V’ planing boat. The idea was to keep the design simple, but to include all of the essential how-to’s like the creation of lines in 3D space, intersecting planes to form templates and how to form and flatten the hull panels.I was rather pleased with the resulting design, So I decided to work it up to a set of plans. A little fine tuning was needed to one or two lines and, as usual, I ended up redrawing her to be more to my liking.

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Great Lakes Class sloop

Built by the Burr Bros in 1960, this 36' beauty with a 10'9" beam was restored over seven years a