KIS 4.2S

We designed KIS dinghies in order to meet a very practical need of amateur boatbuilders. Since they often find themselves in trouble in building masts, sails and rig of their boats and are likely to spend in these items much more than what they paid for the materials to build the hull , we thought to design four boats, simple and easy to build, suitable to be rigged with spars and sails of four very popular dinghies : Laser , Flying Junior and 470. This allows the builder to easily find equipment and accessories for his boat, either buying them new from dealers either finding them on the second hand market.

The KIS 4.2S is compatible with the rig of the Laser, the popular single designed by Bruce Kirby in 1971, and it is, like the Laser, a simple boat of brilliant performances. The hull is flat bottomed, with two chines, which allows to build an almost round hull with a simple technique. The cockpit is small to avoid that in case of capsize the water remains on board. The cockpit has a double bottom at the level of the waterline, with a scupper which allows to empty the water eventually boarded. To reduce the possibility of water entering into the cockpit the foredeck is cambered. The letter refers to the number of crew: S stands for single.

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Design Specs

Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Year of Design: 
70 kg (hull weight)
Skill Level to Build: 
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