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NEREIDE represents the classical canoe used on the lakes and rivers of North America which, for almost the last two centuries, has been built with very slight differences in design. Rather wide at waterline, it is stable and may transport, besides a crew of 2 or 3 people, some baggages and equipments. It is suitable for long, quiet excursions rather than for fast trips. The streamline and bent bow allows it to navigate comfortably in choppy sea and small rapids. The canoe is perfectly symmetrical to the midship section, thus it may proceed well in both directions. The construction is carried out in strip planking, a method which is particularly suitable for this type of boat even if it is not the simplest one and it requires more time than a construction in plywood. However those who realize a boat of this kind normally look for a high quality product dedicating all the time necessary for it. More information at: www.bcademco.it

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Albury sloop

Albury sloop Little M built in Abaco Bahamas