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 I designed Newt to be a quickly, easily and inexpensively built, lightweight solo canoe. I also wanted to produce a design that would fit comfortably into the “build-a-boat” workshop setting seen at many community, family and youth development programs. So, the plans needed to be especially clear and comprehensive, and the boat had to be uncomplicated in construction. The result is an attractive “personal” watercraft that displays excellent overall performance, and can be built by one person, with hand tools, in three days. And, keeping with my design goals, in that relatively short build time, many of the basic skills of wooden boatbuilding can be explored. Newt is light enough to be comfortably carried and launched by one person, and is easily car topped without straining. A unique seating system makes extended cruising possible without fatigue and the forward facing, kayak style propulsion makes exploring in this little craft a real delight.

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Sakonnet 23 for sale

Well maintained (Ballantine Boat Shop) early 2000s Joel White design sailboat. New sails.