Romany 34 sailing catamaran

This is a larger version of my 28ft Gypsy sailing catamaran and is a 34′ offshore cruiser. It has essentially the same cuddy as Gypsy as that has proven a comfortable size for a couple and occasional guests. However the hulls are much larger and contain genuine double berths and a large shower area.Loading capacity is much increased and there is sufficient displacement to carry the stores needed for a long voyage. Seakindliness and speed are also improved when compared to Gypsy. However the Romany has a chined plywood hull rather than the dory shape as Gypsy has. This more nearly approximates to a round bilge hull and leads to a more comfortable motion. A strip plank round bilge hull is also available — the cuddy, cockpit and hull interior are the same regardless of the hull shape.Rajen from India wrote: “Golden Cat (Romany) and I were on front page of Times of India. This was because we made the first sailing voyage to Lakshadweep from Gujarat. This was a big and unheard news in this part of the world.The Romany superb design and my builder’s quality work has helped me to complete my dream. We sailed at least for two days in 23 kts wind with 2 reefs. Romany sailed smoothly in a rough sea of 1.5 to 2 meter waves. We also had about 18 kts wind while crossing my longest offshore passage of 150 nm each way.Both times the sea was fully built with tall waves, most inter island Lakshadweep ships cancelled their trips but we sailed without problem — in fact the wind helped us to cross faster. We didn't see a single sailing yacht during our 40 days voyage.″I have many other cruising catamarans from 28-45ft. Please see my website for more details.

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2017 Annapolis Wherry

18't self built from Cheasapeake Light Craft, includes trailer, rowing unit, cover, oars.