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This is a re-elaborated version of the Sanpierota, a boat that for centuries has been rowed and sailed on the Venetian lagoon. It shows some peculiar technical features, such as the large rudder which also has the function of a centerboard, the mast in a rear position, the lug sail with a low aspect ratio, very simple, flat bottom narrow hull. We designed this boat because these technical solutions seem to have still their validity. They allow: short construction time, thanks to the flat bottom and to the lack of a centerboard trunk; low resistance of the hull, whose chine (as soon as the boat starts to heel) contributes to reduce leeway; low draft; easy handling; a lot of space for crew between the mast and the bow; concentration of structural strains in the rear zone of the hull. With the modern construction method the internal structure is much simpler than in the traditional Sanpierota. More information at:

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Herreshoff 12 For Sale

Well maintained. Sailed regularly. Winter storage in Salem, MA. $20,000 or best offer.


21' Handy Billy launch

21' Handy Billy launch designed by Harry Bryan and built by Geoff Kerr/Two Daughters Boatworks.