Smith Island Crab Skiff

The Chesapeake Bay is home to many wonderful work boats, one of the most unique is the tiny Smith Island Crab Skiff. Our team race boat the “Twisted Oyster”, built and raced by a consortium of three friends, has been very successful. The “Twisted Oyster” was designed by Rick Loheed for racing in the Smith Island Crab Skiff Association races run around the Chesapeake Bay. Warning- racing these boats is extremely fun and addictive! It is light, fast and beautiful as a wooden race boat- but given it’s work boat beginnings it could be built to fish, crab, or just to cruise! The race version is powered by a 20 hp air cooled 4 stroke engine and has an electric clutch. Steering is done via a classic Waterman’s stick- remarkably easy to get used to and very responsive, these leave the interior of the boat clear for cargo. Shallow draft versions for exploration, 10 hp versions for reservoirs limited in power, and outboard powered versions are on the drawing board.See our Facebook page at Oyster Boatworks is proud to bring you this as a CNC cut kit in 6mm Okoume. The plywood parts are available for the introductory price of $995.00 until November 1st, full kits around $1600.

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Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings


Intro to Boatbuilding Semi Dory

I was gifted tuition to the WoodenBoat School for my 40

Boat Launchings


The build was started in 2009 by Dr. David Likely of Dorn Ridge N.B.