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Taiga Wilderness Tripper (wooden canoe kit)

The Taiga is the first stitch and glue canoe kit that incorporates traditional tripper canoe design.Re-curved bow and stern and tumble home are characteristics that have been lost in mass produced plastic and fiberglass boats due to the difficulty of pulling them off molds. This is not the case when you build the beautiful Taiga from precision pre-cut panels.The Taiga tracks nicely and displays good manners in a wide variety of conditions. Whether you take a month (we've loaded her with 700 pounds, including paddlers) and head to the far north woods or an afternoon to explore local waters, the Taiga wilderness tripper is a wonderful companion. Paddlers love her grace. Her weight (60 lbs) and balance will be appreciated along portage trails.Stealthy efficiency make her an excellent choice for bird watching and fishing as well.Construction is a snap. The panels wire up around five temporary frames. A rugged sheathing of fiberglass cloth both inside and out protect her Okoume wood.

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