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Wineglass Wherry (Row Boat Kit)

When designing the Wineglass Wherry, John drew inspiration from the “beach skiffs” that were common along the New England coast during the late 1800’s. Used in the commercial fishery, folks launched through the surf and rowed out to the fishing grounds. Their narrow flat bottoms enabled them to be parked upright on the beach. Their “planked skegs” allowed them to be more easily built and avoided the added weight of heavy keels. Developed before the advent of power, they were superb pulling boats used year-round in coastal waters. Like her predecessors, she exhibits good stability and can handle wind and chop with grace and speed. Her computer designed, woodcore-glass-epoxy hull makes her rugged, light weight and extremely strong. She is a “stitch and glue” row boat built upright on the floor. No strongback required. Our customers put their wherries to multiple uses. Some want exercise and a full body workout. Others quietly pull out at dusk to watch otters feed and osprey hunt.

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