David Fitch Boat Builder

I am offering for sale a Haven 12 1/2. I’ve been building small boats for many years. Six years ago, I took on the challenge of building this boat and it has proven to be a very rewarding experience. I have no intention of sailing the boat. I never did intend to sail it. The boat is built as close to Herreshoff standards and design as possible. The plans are from the Wooden Boat Store along with the How To Book by Maynard Bray. The Stem is built from a block of Live Oak. The Keel, Frames, Floor Timbers, Breasthook and Sheer Clamp Blocks are fabricated from White Oak. All surfaces that will never see light again are coated with Red Lead paint from Kirby Paints. The planking is very clear North Atlantic White Cedar. As I recall there are only five or six dutchmans, each no larger than a quarter. The Sheer Clamps are Douglas Fir. The Deadwood is Douglas Fir with White Oak at the stern end. All of the trim pieces are Sapele as is the Transom. The Center Board is counter rotated and edge glued White Oak with 20lb. of Lead ballast. The decks are Spanish Cedar. All of the fastenings, screws, bolts and dowels are Silicon Bronze. All Rivets are Copper. The Cleats are Herreshoff patterned in Bronze mostly from Ballentine’s Boat Shop. The Blocks are all made by J.M. Reineck & Sons. All the bright finish is Epifanes. The decks are finished with Teak/Tung Oil. The top coat is Total Boat Wet Edge and the bottom paint is Pettit Trinidad. I bought the Venture trailer used. I also bought the Sails used. The Lead Ballast was purchased from a foundry on RI through Eric Dow, Boatbuilder. The Sails are made by Douglas Fowler and they are in good condition. There is also a new Mail Sail from Squeteague Sail Maker. The Mast is Douglas Fir hollow birds mouth construction. The other Spars are solid Douglas Fir. The boat was subjected to an extensive sea trail and passed with great reviews by an experienced sailor. I have an album of photos of the construction. I can make that available to the purchaser.

I am asking $28,000 for the boat /sails and trailer. I arrived at that number by adding up my out-of-pocket cost. My time used to build the boat was a labor of love. You can’t put a price on love. If you have any questions please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Herreshoff 12 For Sale

Well maintained. Sailed regularly. Winter storage in Salem, MA. $20,000 or best offer.


21' Handy Billy launch

21' Handy Billy launch designed by Harry Bryan and built by Geoff Kerr/Two Daughters Boatworks.