Build a Boat-in-a-Day Class

Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center, Beaufort, North Carolina
Saturday, June 7, 2014

Build a boat in a day at the North Carolina Maritime Museum. Each adult and child team uses the stitch-and-glue technique to assemble a prepared kit for a small flat-bottomed plywood boat suitable for rowing or paddling. The boat is 7’ 10” long, 32” wide, and weighs about 40 pounds. By the end of the class each boat will be completed to a watertight condition and clear-coated with epoxy. Detail finishing and painting is the responsibility of team members and may not be undertaken in the Watercraft Center.

Teams are limited to a maximum of 4 persons, at least one of whom must be an adult. The minimum age limit for this class only is 8 years. 6 hours (1 day class).

The next class is on June 7, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Class Fee: $300 per team. Friends of the Maritime Museum receive a discount. Reservations required.

Additional 2014 class dates include: July 12, August 16 and September 20.

The class takes place on the Beaufort, North Carolina waterfront at the Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center located across the street from the North Carolina Maritime Museum.

The Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center (shown above) carries on the rich boatbuilding heritage of North Carolina coast through wooden boat building classes. The classes bring together students of all ages from different parts of the country with a common thread of creativity. The Watercraft Center is part of the North Carolina Maritime Museum.

The North Carolina Maritime Museum reflects coastal life and interprets lighthouses and lifesaving stations, the seafood industry, motorboats, and more. Studies in marine life, science, and ecology are available for all ages. The Beaufort museum is the repository for artifacts from Blackbeard’s wrecked flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, among them cannons, grenades, belt buckles and beads. The Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center teaches boatbuilding for all ages.

Beaufort, North Carolina

The North Carolina Maritime Museum at 315 Front Street, Beaufort, N.C. 28516. Tel: 252.728.7317. Visit the website at