Build a Wee Lassie Canoe

Wee Lassie Canoe
Monday, May 12, 2014

The original “Wee Lassie” was a lapstrake-built open cedar canoe made in 1863 by J. Henry Rushton, of Canton, NY. Rushton was one of the most famous canoe builders of his era. George Washington Sears, who wrote of his adventures under his pen name of “Nessmuk” as he recorded his paddling adventures throughout the Adirondacks, popularized these small, finely crafted canoes. Come spend 15 wonderful days at AFS building your own Wee Lassie. You will be guided through every step of the building process. Leave with a beautiful, lightweight canoe that handles well in the water. Open to all level of student.

This class starts on May 12th and ends on May 30. It runs for 15 days: three consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM, with weekends off.

The Adirondack Folk School, 51 Main Street, Lake Luzerne, NY.

Email us at or call 518-696-2400. Register online at