Compass Project Cardboard Boat Regatta and Waterfront Festival

Compass Project Cardboard Boat Regatta
Saturday, July 19, 2014

Compass Project is proud to announce The Compass Project Cardboard Boat Regatta and Waterfront Festival. The day-long event, scheduled for July 19, 2014, will feature cardboard boat building and racing, live music, food trucks and a Rowgatta, and will raise awareness of and funds for Compass Project’s work with at-risk youth.

The day will start with cardboard boat construction. Teams will have approximately three hours to construct and decorate their boats before launching their creations and navigating a short course. Participants will learn, have fun and most definitely get wet!

In the afternoon, rowers and paddlers will compete further off shore in an open Rowgatta. Any seaworthy, human-powered vessel is welcome to participate.

Throughout the day live music will be on hand courtesy of The Faulkingham Project and Jerks of Grass.

Eastern Promenade, Portland, ME

Holly Parker
(207) 774-0682