A trailerable houseboat

Design and commentary by Laurie McGowan and Michael Schacht



For our 40th anniversary issue of WoodenBoat, we asked the magazine’s founder, Jon Wilson, to specify his current dream boat. He responded with specifications for an amphibious houseboat—one “with a measure of grace and more than a modicum of seaworthiness.” It was a challenging assignment, for the boat had to be liveable both on land and in the water—with ample storage, comfortable seating, and good seakeeping qualities.

The designers responded with Gypsy, a 27-footer with a tunnel stern, a box keel, and an above-water appearance that blends the traits of an English narrowboat with a Gypsy vardo.

Above are two rotating three-dimensional models of the boat. To read and view the full description of the design, pick up a copy of the September/October issue of WoodenBoat (No. 240).