Introduction to building the Calendar Islands Yawl

Friday, July 7, 2017 to Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Do you want to build your own boat, but wish you could build one first under the guidance and instruction of a master boatbuilder, first? Or have you been lusting after the Calendar Islands Yawl but not ready to take the full plunge on your own? In this 1-week class, or class will build a Calendar Islands Yawl from a kit and someone can take it home at the end of the class!

We will begin the week with a kit of parts and an introduction to using tools, glues, and fastening. We will make the parts, build the strongback, set up the stem, bulkheads, and transom, and begin planking. We will work as a group to plank the boat for most of the week as well as build some other components, such as mast partner, rudder, and daggerboard.

The week will be busy but fun and instructional as we build and take breaks to discuss the finer points of boatbuilding. The goal for the week is to set up, plank, and complete a bare hull. The final day will be finishing the external completions to make the hull structurally sound: rubrails, skeg and outer stem.

In this class you will also get an exciting introduction to the fundamentals of boatbuilding. How do you set up a proper strongback? How do you do glued-lapstrake planking well? What is the most efficient use of epoxy? How do you layout the interior of a boat? What are the important points to remember in preparing a boat for finishing? You will be able to answer these important questions at the end of this 1-week class.

Great Lakes Boatbuilding School is a fantastic setting to learn and build located on beautiful upper Lake Huron, Upper Penninsula Michigan. Bookend your time with a visit to the area and bring a boat! We will meet Sunday evening for a social gathering and orientation at the shop. Class begins at 8:30am on the 7th and finishes at the end of the day om the 11th. Class runs 8:30-4:30pm daily with a night session or two likely as we see fit to finish our work and expand on the learning! FMI

Great Lakes Boatbuilding School, Cedarville, MI

Clint Chase 207-602-9587