Leathering Workshop

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Learn techniques to protect your oars and dock lines from chafing with leather. Bring your own pair of oars and mooring lines to the workshop with spliced eyes and pre-marked for chafing areas such as toerails and chocks. Spruce spoon or flat blade oars are available to purchase. Please pre-order oars one week or more prior to the workshop.

Thursday, June 15th 2017
1 pm to 4 pm
Fee for Workshop + Materials / oars & lines not included:  Non-members $55   |   Members $45

Call (253) 857-9344 or email info@gigharborboatshop.org for reservations

Gig Harbor BoatShop- 3805 Harborview Dr Gig Harbor, Wa 98332