Camden (Maine) Performance: Dramatized History of the Bantry Bay Gig

Mick Delap, a writer, historian and avid sailor in retirement after a career in journalism at the BBC, and The Apprenticeshop founder Lance Lee will host an interestingly presented history of the Bantry Bay gigs of Atlantic Challenge International fame from 6 to 9 p.m.

Delap, with a cast of actors, will perform a theatrical version of important moments in the gigs’ history accompanied by a duo from Belfast, Maine, who will play Irish music on authentic instruments.

The Great Hudson River Revival AKA Clearwater Festival

The Clearwater Festival (aka “The Great Hudson River Revival” or “Revival”) features seven sustainably powered stages with diverse music, dance, storytelling and family-oriented programming as well as a juried Handcrafters’ Village, the Green Living Expo, the Working Waterfront with small boat exhibits and rides, the Artisanal Food & Farm Market, environmental education displays and exhibits, and the Circle of Song where audience participation is the focus.

Lecture: Building the Hudson River Sloop CLEARWATER


The Hudson River Sloop CLEARWATER was launched in South Bristol, Maine on May 17, 1969. The dream began in 1964, a time when the Hudson was rank with raw sewage, toxic chemicals, and oil pollution. Musician and activist Pete Seeger along with several friends had a vision to build a majestic replica of the sloops that sailed the Hudson in the 18th and 19th centuries that would bring people to the river where they could experience its beauty and be moved to preserve it.

Lecture: Finding PAX

Kaci Cronkhite’s talk, “Finding PAX: Solving mysteries, restoring history, for the love of a wooden boat,” is a story of discovery and reconnection like no other. Having fallen hopelessly in love with a 1930s Danish spidsgatter, circumnavigator Kaci embarked on an international search to unravel the mystery of the boat’s past, and discovered the many lives PAX touched since she first hit the water in 1936.