Marine Weather Workshop

Washington Sea Grant and the Gig Harbor BoatShop are cosponsoring a marine weather workshop in Gig Harbor
Topics to be covered include: 
• The relationship of atmospheric pressure and wind 
• Determining the path of speed and squalls 
• The strong wind systems found in the Northwest and how to avoid them 
• The key features of low pressure systems 
• How 500mb wind patterns can help you find "weather windows" for safe passages 
• How pressure gradients affect wind and Washington waters

Solo Quick

Trevor Paetkau
Skill Level to Build: 

The Solo Quick blends efficiency, weight carrying capacity and beauty. Paddlers will find that her lean entry and minimalist profile make for a surprisingly quick and versatile hull.

Douglas Brooks Lecture

Ways of Learning: An Apprentice Boatbuilder in Japan

Douglas Brooks, a boatbuilder, writer, and researcher who specializes in the construction of traditional wooden boats, will be giving a public lecture at the Apprenticeshop on February 28th, at 6pm. He will talk about his experiences apprenticing with some of the last Japanese boatbuilders to learn their traditional craft.

The Electric Launch Fusion and the Component Waveform Theory

FUSION, an electric day boat, is designed to a new theory describing how boats move through water. Her propulsion is an electric outboard motor, which rests in a lifting box and allows for silent cruising. FUSION’s retro-classic look is based upon the slipper launches of the Thames River. A hard-mounted sun awning provides protection from the harsh Australian sun.

Applying Gold Leaf to Lettering

Photographer Tyler Fields wrote and photographed Applying Gold Leaf to Lettering: A modern method to achieve a classic look in WoodenBoat No. 261. He outlines the step-by-step process wherein professional sign-maker Joan Perkins applied tissue-thin sheets of pure gold to adorn the transom of THIMBLE, a Herreshoff 12½ sailboat.

Of Færings and Fembørings

This article is a sidebar of Arista Holden’s article “The Last of the Vikings” about her experiences at Fosen Folk School in Rissa, Norway, published in WoodenBoat magazine No. 261, March/April 2018.

For such a small country, Norway has a rich variety of traditional small boats—each one adapted to its particular region. And within those regions, there is further variety based upon...