A Sailor’s Life & Legacy

Celebrate and honor our nation’s veterans at the USS Constitution Museum by asking yourself, “Is a sailor’s life for you?” Learn about the daily struggles that crew members on board “Old Ironsides” faced during the War of 1812 and how their stories continue to inspire people today. 

Admission to the Museum is FREE throughout the weekend for all military members and their family.

Lecture: What's the Big Deal About Seagrasses?

Many folks have heard about seagrasses and how central they are to the environment. But why?

Dr. Jay Leverone’s talk at Florida Maritime Museum will discuss the many vital functions seagrasses serve in maintaining a dynamic estuary, and how resource managers use seagrass monitoring programs to assess bay health. Admission is FREE but donations are appreciated. Seating is first come first serve, beginning at 2:30 p.m.; lecture from 3 to 4 p.m. FMM members can reserve seats by calling 941-708-6120.


The Tropics Next Door: A Look at Maine and the Caribbean

“The islands” were regular trading stops in the days of sail, and Maine mariners and their families came to know the region well. Using objects of trade, accounts, personal sketches, artworks, photographs, and souvenirs, Maine Maritime Museum’s exhibit explores this long-standing relationship of Maine seafarers with a vastly different region that is not very far away. It introduces more recent perspectives through the mid-20th century paintings of Stephen Etnier (1903-1984), a sailor himself who traveled south for decades.

Simon Lake: New Jersey's Submarine Inventor

In 1893 the U.S. Navy sponsored the Great Submarine Contest which pitted New Jersey’s Simon Lake against John Holland and others. Lake had conducted early and successful submarine experiments in the Shrewsbury River near his home in Atlantic Highlands, and at the confluence of the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers, where he piloted a wheeled wooden submersible along the bottom of the rivers.