Toledo Wooden Boat Show

Saturday, August 18, 2018 to Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Port of Toledo’s 14th annual Toledo Wooden Boat Show this August 18–19, 2018. Our annual boat show is a family-friendly, weekend event that celebrates the historic tradition of wooden boats. There are plenty of activities to enjoy — boat exhibits, vendors, live music, family boat building, kids’ boat building, and more. The Wooden Boat Show has grown each year, attracting exhibitors, vendors, and visitors from across the state, and beyond to enjoy the maritime activities along Toledo’s Waterfront. Come join the fun!

This year’s show will feature the Northwest Steam Society. Their members will bring steamboats and other steam equipment from across the Northwest AND there will be opportunities for an excursion ride on the Yaquina Bay. For over 40 years, the Northwest Steam Society has been a place for enthusiasts to share their passion for live steam with the public at large through event appearances and casual gatherings. Between their members, they have literally hundreds of years of experience with this fascinating and history-filled energy source, and will continue to promote it to future generations. They currently count over 150 boats among its membership around the world.

The Port of Toledo’s Wooden Boat Show has grown to be a reunion of wooden boat builders and admirers. Visitors to the show appreciate Toledo’s summer weather and the opportunity to admire the craftsmanship of the wooden boats. Exhibitors, vendors, and visitors come from across the state, and from Washington and California to enjoy the maritime activities along Toledo’s Waterfront. An assortment of vessels will be on display including classic vessels, unique owner-built boats, as well as the Port’s twin Teak Ladies, and we always invite the local commercial fishermen to bring their classic boats. A featured event, the GP Containerboard Boat Contest brings entries from across the county, and is a huge draw for spectators. The festival’s location, Waterfront Park, allows visitors easy access to the shops and businesses on Main Street.

Port of Toledo Waterfront Park, Toledo, Oregon

Port of Toledo @ (541) 336.5207