Vela Raid--Picinin

Vela Raid--Picinin
Saturday, June 8, 2013 to Sunday, June 16, 2013

What’s the VeLa Raid? It is a boat trip in 4 days (2+2) around Venice, it is a simple and comfortable way to dive into a timeless and beautiful environment, it is a way to have fun without sacrificing any workdays, it is a way of participating to a four-day event while still having five days in the middle to stay at Circolo Velico Casanova and enjoy Venice and the lagoon with your own time. Discovering the big tranquil world of the inner Lagoon, uncontaminated by roaring engines. Discovering glimpses and aspects of Venice and its natural surroundings that are unknown and hidden to most people.

Aboard the many different boats of different size, age and rigs is joined a company of likeminded people from many different countries. What connects all is the love of the sea, and of shallow draught boats that can safely go virtually anywhere on that sea, with the right guidance and help of its crew.

Only secondary, the VeLa Raid is also a race, a series of races. Wherever boats sail and row together, an element of competition comes in automatically. Every boat crew is trying its best to show its wit and worth in the many conditions the sea and the sky throw at the fleet. The lagoon is famous for its changeability. It’s a competition in which, aside from the final result, the first prize is for everyone because those who participate win an adventure which they won’t forget very easily.

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