Martin Mittag, founder of the Wooden Boat Workshop of Norwalk, CT sent in this picture of 7 kayaks built at his workshop, during a three week project in the summer of 2003. The boys are from left to right: Nicky Coroon, Griffin Traynor, Owen Traynor, Bobby Coroon, Paul Clark, Ashton Whitcomb, and Matt Demartini. All of the boats with3m okoume plywood from stitch and glue kits from Shearwater Boats in Stamford, CT. The two boats on the far left are 14' Widgeon kayaks with beams of 24". The other 5 boats are 15' Merganser kayaks with 23"beams.

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Somes Sound 12 1/2

Somes Sound 12 1/2 designed by John Brooks of the WoodenBoat School.