CAP’N JOHN is a Chesapeake Light Craft Jimmy Skiff modified to take the sailing rig, board and rudder from a vintage Sunfish donor suffering from terminal leaks. CAP’N JOHN was launched Memorial Day weekend on the Elk River at the head of the Chesapeake Bay.

The project started last summer as a father-daughter project (her choice was flying lessons or building a boat) by first time boat builders albeit long time small boat sailors. Mom (Cindy) gamely volunteered to assist with the painting and another daughter, Sarah helped with the custom crab logo for the sail. Much was learned about wood working, epoxying, filleting and finishing as well as how to accommodate the Sunfish parts to a much deeper hull. CAP’N JOHN joins another vintage Sunfish (that doesn't leak) and brother John’s opinion is it is the better sailboat and or at least much more comfortable.

The name is a tribute to my father, Dr. John Pontius as well as a nod to Cabin (a corruption of Captain) John Creek that boarders the property the boat launches from.

Thanks to our extended “bay” family for their interest and support, to the crews at Chesapeake Light Craft and Jamestown Distributors for their guidance, to SailRite for having the materials that made the crab logo for the sail easy and to Mike Schenke at Schenke Tool for fabricating extender plates for the Sunfish rudder.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
John Harris Chesapeake Light Craft
Skiff/Sunfish Sail/Row
Builder Name: 
Katie Pontius and her father
Home Port: 
Arnold Point Farm, Earleville MD
Launching Date: 
May 30, 2016