Got Mahagony?

My boat is a “couch boat” which is the only description I could think of since I designed it for comfortable seating and aesthetic Italian curvy lines. It also has three glass bottom windows for viewing fish and shipwrecks (not glass, but scratch resistant Lexan polycarbonate).

I designed and built this boat several years ago, and posted many progress pics on the WoodenBoat Forum back in 2004-7, and my wife found the WoodenBoat Facebook recently so we are posting again here.

Using the basis of stitch and glue, I utilized many unique techniques that have never been done before, like rolling .030″ polycarbonate film over the 4oz fiberglass on the main hull to create perfect flatness in the finished lamination, ready for urethane spray after only peeling off the film and scuff sanding for adhesion. All the bent laminations were simple, kerf bends or multi lams over a form (the main captain seat is formed over a Sears shop vac cylinder).

The three windows are awesome for viewing fish underwater — many hours spent mesmerized by fish, and never a leak due to double rubber gaskets with aluminum backing plates and polyurethane rubber sealant at all interfaces.

The primary drive is a 101 lb thrust trolling motor with an aftermarket prop, (Kipawa props) and silent drive is waaaayyy awesome — three 12 volt, 105 AmpHr Batts — run six hours for 10 miles over a four hour boating day.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
John Blazy
Builder Name: 
John Blazy
Home Port: 
Cleveland, OH
Launching Date: 
April 06, 2006