Growler is our new, highly versatile transom-stern cruising canoe, and “big sister” to our popular and highly acclaimed 12 ft. solo canoe, Newt. Growler is based on the same hull form as Newt, but is capable of carrying considerably larger loads, including up to 3 passengers.

Growler displays excellent performance with canoe paddles, and also oars, with a small skeg added to the stern for superior tracking while rowing. And, for extended cruising, she features a transom for mounting a small electric or gasoline outboard motor.

Construction is simple and straightforward, with building techniques focused toward the builder with minimal woodworking experience and only basic tools.

The hull is constructed from 3 sheets of ¼″ or 6mm plywood, and all the rest of the structural components are gotten from common lumberyard materials.

Plans & information available from Jordan Wood Boats

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Warren Jordan
paddle, oar, outboard motor
Builder Name: 
Warren Jordan
Home Port: 
South Beach, Oregon
Launching Date: 
August 10, 2012