Doug Crane spent 10 years building NOKIDO, a Lyle Hess 29.9 cutter, only to be diagnosed with terminal cancer late in the process. Friends and family helped him finish the boat just in time to spend his last summer aboard. Following his passing, the family kept her on the water to motor around and "have a beer with dad". After sustaining damage from an early spring storm, the family took her off the water and stored her back where she had been built. Poor protection and unskilled sealing of fittings late in the construction process left NOKIDO broken and rotting. After substantial grilling to be sure that she would be restored and not cut up for scrap bronze, the family sold NOKIDO to Drew and Kathy Cathell of Albany, NY who spent three years replacing everything from the shear strake up including the bowsprit, bullwarks, boomkin, spreaders, a teak deck and raising the deck house 3" to provide ample headroom for Drew (6' 6" ). She was relaunched as SHILOH at Scarano's Boat Builders in Albany and sailed to Wickford, Rhode Island where she will remain while interior details are completed.

Design Specs

Designer Name: 
Lyle Hess
Marconi sail
Builder Name: 
Doug Crane
Home Port: 
Albany, NY
Launching Date: 
July 17, 2012