Traditional Canoe

During August 2010, Don Warfield, Phil Andrews, and Lamar Keeney were among the students who took Jerry Stelmok’s class in Traditional Wood-and-Canvas Canoe Construction at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, ME. The class built three canoes, and Don, Phil, and Lamar worked on one of them, which Don took home at the end of the week. The canoe was canvassed at that time but still needed finishing from Don. He writes that he “took it home to Maryland and painted, varnished, and admired it over the winter.” Don launched the 12′6″ canoe in July 2011 and sent us some pictures of his launch.


Design Specs

Designer Name: 
From Jerry Stelmok's class at the WoodenBoat School, 2010.
Traditionally Constructed Canoe
Builder Name: 
Don Warfield, Phil Andrews, and Lamar Keeney
Home Port: 
Lakes and Rivers of Maryland
Launching Date: 
July 10, 2011