Oar / Paddle

19' 9" Chaa Creek Expedition

Chaa Creek Expedition 19/9 high performance and high volume. The Expediton 19′9″ Canoe was designed for use in the Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge — a four day canoe race held each March. The route traverses Belize and the participants camp each evening.The first boat was built by the staff at Chaa Creek with the help of Ted Moores and Joan Barrett from BearMountain. Paddled by three of the Chaa Creek folks that built the boat, this beauty won the final leg of the race and placed third overall for the four days.The relatively narrow beam of 33 1/2″ makes for an efficient hull shape. Stability is still very comfortable (stability factor of 102) which permits paddlers to concentrate on power not balance. The boat is intended to be paddled by three canoeists with limited gear although the boat can handle additonal load with little speed decrease. Seats are low for efficient paddling with feet forward on footbraces.

From the Community



Oselvar Faering

This is a beautiful three year old Oselvar Faering that excels at both rowing and sailing.