ACYD 950

The project of Acyd 950 was born on the regulation of “class 950”.

These boats have an extremely light weight and high performance and they can safely be used on a cruise.

The remarkable minimum lightness is only 2700kg and it is compensated by the strong bulb elongation that carries the maximum draft to 2.40 m and by the use of water ballast with a capacity of 450lt per side.

The hull construction is made of marine plywood thk. 10 and 12mm in the longitudinal structure, reinforced by ribs and bulkheads. Part of the furniture is structural to reduce weight for high performance of these boats. Large watertight compartments required by regulation are filled with closed cell foam to guarantee the unsinkable and contribute to the rigidity of the boat. The deck is made of marine plywood 10mm thk with a longitudinal structure and transverse reinforcement.

The sail plan includes the carbon mast with double cross headquartered for better straightening, LL boom and deck stepped carbon bowsprit. It’s provided a less aggressive but also less expensive rigging in L.L. which obliges to increase the weight of about 100kg of the bulb.

The deck is simple and it allows easy use with a small crew. All lines are led back to the winches in the cockpit for a quick use of the skipper in the case of single-handed sailing.

The water ballast are essential for obtaining the high-performance.

They are divided symmetrically along the longitudinal axis and have an overall capacity of 900 lt. Each tank has an inspection door. The filling is carried out with a pump and emptying by gravity.

Design Specs

9.50 mt
3.27 mt
2.40 mt
2700 kg
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