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The navigation programme for ALBATROS 36’ is simple: offshore cruises that may also be quite demanding. Moreover, the boat should be suitable for navigation with a small crew or for single-handed cruising, with a reduced draft in order to enter small ports, and sufficiently lively, so as not to require intensive use of the motor. Its lines may be defined as classical, but the design of the hull, keel and sail plan is modern, the displacement is slightly higher than average compared to mass production boats of the same size; the interior has been studied not with an aim to house as many people as possible, but rather to offer maximum comfort and functionality to a smaller crew. Construction is in strip planking. It may also be built by an amateur boat builder, but he must realize that the construction of a boat of this size is not exactly a sort of adventure that may be faced light-heartedly. More information at:

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Marine Engine

Graymarine Lugger Six 226 Engine number E2990, completely rebuilt all new bearings, rings, gasket


William Hand Runabout

This custom-built wooden runabout is 21′ in length, with a 6′ beam and a draft of 18″.