Oar / Paddle

Ammassalik 176

Come experience the nuances of this East Greenland design.

The Ammassalik 176 is a true representations of the East Greenland design.

Low volume and narrow, these kayaks are for the rolling enthusiasts. This sleek East Greenland kayak with low deck height and true sea cockpit allows easy lay-back, forward lean and good hip control of the boat, giving you an edge when you’re trying to get through all 33 rolls on the list.

Comfortable day boat and exciting play boat all in one.

Designed for Paddler’s 5′- 5′7″
Paddler Weight 100 to 160 lbs.
Maximum Capacity 200 lbs.
17′- 6″ Long with a 19″ Beam
Deck Height 8-3/4″
Aft Height 6″
Weight 33 lbs.
Cockpit Size 16″ x 20″
2, 4″ Beckson Hatches Included on deck or on bulkhead walls.

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