Cape Henry 21

The Cape Henry 21 is a larger sister to the Cape Cutter 19 and can be built by professional or amateur builders from plans or a kit. The lapstrake plywood hull is traditional English workboat in image, with long waterline and gaff rig. It is a surprisingly fast little boat and very seaworthy. It has a raised sheer with flush deck to give excellent interior volume for weekending or short holidays afloat. With 4 berths, a small galley and stowage for a portable heads, the Cape Henry 21 suits a small family for coastal cruising and gunkholing. Powering is with a small outboard that stays permanently in a well just forward of the rudder. It has lead internal ballast and a steel centreplate for windward ability or can be built with bilge keels. The Cape Henry 21 gives the same features and characteristics as the Cape Cutter 19 but with increased space and performance. The larger size also makes it suitable for venturing further offshore than the 19.

Design Specs

Dudley Dix
Year of Design: 
20' 11"
7' 11"
1' 7" plate up, 4' 5" plate down, 2' 4" bilge keels
3200lb to DWL, 2560lb light
sail, outboard motor in well
Skill Level to Build: 
Plans US$500, study pack $40, plus shipping, including Mylar bulkhead patterns. Hull and deck skin patterns optional extra
Contact Information: 

1340-1272 N Great Neck Rd #343

Virginia Beach VA 23454 Phone: (757)962-9273