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Capriccio 21

In designing Capriccio we have been inspired by the aesthetics of the classic sport runabouts of the Thirties, which had the pilot seat in the extreme aft-wards of the boat and a powerful engine under a long deck in front of them. We kept the hull lines very similar to the classic ones and the boat, with a less powerful engine but substantially lighter than the old ones, has very similar and quite brilliant performances. The reduction in size of the engine compartment allows to obtain a large cockpit in front of the pilot location where 4 people may seat comfortably. A sun deck has been arranged in the forward zone of the boat creating a space which is not generally used in these kind of boats. It’s length can be increased to 2m by lifting the back of the cockpit seat. The construction system chosen is a mix of plywood and strip-planking techniques, it is studied in order to be affordable by amateur boat-builders with a good experience. The boat has to be realized with good finishing and a certain taste for elegance but it is rather simple and the cost is reasonable.

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