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Chesapeake LT 17

More than 6,300 Chesapeake-series kits have been shipped over the last 10 years. An enduring favorite among paddlers, the Chesapeakes are the gold standard for build-it-yourself sea kayaks. They are easy to build but handsome and fast. High-volume bows lift you over rough seas — or powerboat wakes — while the skeg-like stern prevents weather-cocking in blustery winds. CLC’s signature cambered decks shed spray, increase the storage space inside the hull, add strength without weight, and look great. Chesapeake kayak builders explore quiet local rivers and paddle the length of the Sea of Cortez. Chesapeakes are built in garages, apartments, living rooms, television studios, and in at least 50 countries from Iceland to Australia.The 17LT is a  standard Chesapeake 17 hull with a lower deck and sides, reducing total volume by 20% for a sleeker, more compact kayak. In a nutshell it is a terrific all-round sea kayak, combining stability and cockpit comfort with above-average speed. 

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Somes Sound 12 1/2

Somes Sound 12 1/2 designed by John Brooks of the WoodenBoat School.