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Colvos Passage

Colvos Passage has many of the features of the best multi-chine kit kayaks plus a true round bilge without the hassle of building a strip planked bilge or wiring a lot of pieces together. She has high volume, plenty of strength, and good stability for packing the weight and paddling safely in rough waters. She also has very low drag for ease of long distance paddling because of her round bilges and shallow vee bottom.Constructed on a simple mold, from 4 mm ocoume plywood, and covered with fiberglass she will last through the years.  She weighs about 75 pounds, materials cost about $800, including a rudder kit.  Labor is about 200 hours.See her lines, data and photos at: www.sageboats.com/stock/colvos.html

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Somes Sound 12 1/2

Somes Sound 12 1/2 designed by John Brooks of the WoodenBoat School.