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No other type of small craft exemplifies the uncomplicated boating experience better than the flat-bottom skiff. It is easy and economical to build, and able to do almost anything more complicated types can. They sail and row well and can do so in very shallow waters. And, they can teach all of the basic skills of construction, maintenance and seamanship. I designed  Footloose to be a multipurpose boat for exploring the many remote reaches of the West Coast estuaries. Her sail is the traditional loose-footed sprit, a rig that embodies the ultimate in simplicity, both in rigging and handling. It is inexpensive to fabricate and maintain, requiring no high-tech hardware or fittings, and the spars can be easily fashioned by hand. The sprit rig is extremely reliable and displays remarkably good overall performance. It spreads the largest area of sail on the shortest spars of any rig and can be set up or struck in seconds and can be rolled up and stowed easily inside the boat. 

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