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Lion 600

600 Lion Yacht project despite its small size, has a spacious interior, and allows you to comfortably make trips to the inland waters and coastal seas.

The yacht can be easily transported on a trailer behind a car, and it opens up the freedom to select your route of travel.
The yacht is equipped with a lifting keel ballast that provides an opportunity to approach the shallows and the shore.

The design of the boat is very simple and is designed for self-built, all the details of the yacht, made of flat sheets of marine plywood.
Cards of cutting parts yachts for standard sheet of plywood for cutting on CNC machines.

Cut parts are assembled beforehand on flat ground and connected by adhesive grooving locks that does not require much experience assemblers and allows the construction of a small room.
To build the boat quite a standard set of hand tools.

Ideal for parents who want to introduce children to work and a short time to build a real boat with their hands.

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