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After numerous requests for a larger version of our “Happy Hour” fishing kayak here is the result. “Long Weekend” is not a mere scale up. Bottom is V-shaped which improves tracking and ability to handle small waves. The slightly narrower beam makes the hull fast. Stability is great. The rising bow protects the cockpit from spray. Two buoyancy compartments make sure boat stays afloat at all times even with gear inside. These compartments can also be used for storage of small items. The cockpit is 6.5′(2m) long and the kayak can be propelled by two people. Maximum crew plus gear weight should not exceed 440lb (200kg). Cockpit could also be used for sleeping. “Long Weekend” can take a considerable amount of camping and fishing gear and is suitable for 2-3 day trips. She weighs only 45lb (20kg) and is easy to car top and carry on the shoulder from the car to the water without breaking your back. Hull is made of 3 sheets of plywood. The parts layout on the plywood allows the 3 sheets to be cut in half lengthwise at the hardware store and safely transported inside the vehicle. Building method is stitch and glue with 3″ (75mm) fiberglass tape in epoxy along the seams inside and out. “Long Weekend” is an excellent project for first time boat builders. The hull can be built for less than $450 CAD (2021). Here is the bill of materials:

  • Exterior grade plywood 4x8′ (1220x2440mm), 1/4″(6mm) thick - 3 sheets;
  • Fiberglass tape 3″ (75 mm) wide by 6 oz. (200 gr/sq.m) – 44 yards (40 m);
  • Epoxy resin – 1 gallon (3.8L) plus hardener;
  • Others – bread flour, chip brushes, rollers, fairing compound or filler, paint, sandpaper;

Plans package consists of 3 pages of drawings (metric or imperial) and 38 pages of instructions with a lot of photos. After payment is processed you will receive an e-mail with two PDF attachments — drawing and work instruction. Plans in imperial units are set up to print on letter size paper at the convenience of your home printer. Metric plans are set up to print on A4 size paper. Technical support is available 24/7 by e-mail.

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Great Lakes Class sloop

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