Lumber Yard Skiffs

LYS stands for Lumber Yard Skiff. These rugged flat bottom work skiffs were originally designed to be built using materials readily found in most lumber yards- underlayment plywood and spruce framing. Construction style was also kept simple, resulting in a strong, inexpensive hull suitable for commercial use. Inspired by the simple construction and design of the legendary Brockway skiffs, known on the coast from Cape Cod to Connecticut, these boats are next-generation work skiffs. Most skiffs are now built using Marine grade plywood and clear fir framing, stainless steel deck screws and Sikaflex adhesive.

I have also developed a slightly modified version of the Lumber Yard Skiff, Which I call the Lumber Yard Sport Skiff, or LYSS. Presently available in a 16′ version, the main difference is that I made the transom narrower by 2″ at the top and 4″ at the bottom. Beam and side panel shape is the same as the 16′ LYS. The result of this modification is a higher bow, and a little more rocker and sheer, and a sportier looking boat.

The plans consist of a 24 page booklet which includes notes on the drawings, materials list, an article describing the construction of the boat, 12 pages of photographs, and 6 pages of drawings. All 3 LYS are included - the original 16′ LYSS, the 16′ LYSS, and the 20′ LYS.

For more information, see my web site, Also, see the article in the 2008 Small Boats magazine, Page 47.

Design Specs

Walter Baron
Year of Design: 
15'6"- 19'9"
6'6"- 7'6"
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Complete Plans
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Walter Baron
Old Wharf Dory Co.
170 Old Chequessett Neck Rd.
Wellfleet, MA 02667