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M-Yak 500

The M-Yak 500 is a sleek and fast sit-on-top kayak for one or two paddlers that can easily built in stitch-and-glue.The 4′-2″ long open cockpit offers enough space for two average sized paddlers. Because of the open cockpit and plenty stability, the boat is quite easy to get into even from the water after taking a swim.Any water that finds its way into the cockpit will drain right back out through four drain holes in the cockpit sides. There is ample built-in storage below the fore and rear deck and additionally under the cockpit floor.The entire boat is built from 4mm Okoume marine grade plywood with internal support where needed.  The ‘ladder-frame’ construction with dual backbone and interlocking bulkheads allows the installation of various pedal drive systems which will be interesting especially but not only for anglers.The M-Yak 500 combines high performance, stability and generous built-in storage with the comfort and convenience of a sit-on-top kayak.

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Oselvar Faering

This is a beautiful three year old Oselvar Faering that excels at both rowing and sailing.