Marsh Hen

MARSH HEN is the result of a design/build commission from a gentleman who enjoys kayaking in the extensive marshlands of coastal South Carolina and Georgia. She would also make a fine little cruiser for a small family who was willing to get back to basics.MARSH HEN’s hull form show genes from both William Hand’s early vee bottom designs and the Maine lobster boat. Both parents contribute seaworthy and seakindly performance, good speeds with modest horsepower, and handsome looks. Her plywood construction is more accessible to amateur builders.A 90 HP Evinrude outboard in a well gives very quiet operation, easy maintenance and good handling in reverse.Plans are well detailed, and consist of 6 sheets: outboard profile, lines & offsets, inboard construction profile, constructions sections, joinery details, and building jig. A CD of construction photos in JPEG format is also available. See our web site for more info.

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