Oar / Paddle


During the 1880's there was a craze for canoes. One of the leading builders of the time was J. Henry Rushton. His most famous canoe was the Wee Lassie. He first built this boat for  George Washington Sears, known as "Nessmuk" who called his boat the "Sairy Gamp". Sairy Gamp was about as minimal a boat imaginable weight about 10 lbs, but Nessmuk used her for long expeditions traveling through the Adirondacks.Nymph is a modern interpretation of the minimalist ideas originated by Sairy Gamp. Using modern cedar-strip construction encapsulated in fiberglass, this design is lightweight and robust. It has tucked in gunwales that make paddling comfortable while allowing enough waterline width for good stability.The construction of this boat is described starting in the November/December 2007 issue of WoodenBoat Magazine (issue #199 and 200).

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