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Pax 20

The ends of the Pax 18™ and 20™ are nearly plumb for maximum waterline length (the heels of the stems are rounded to shed race-killing weed or kelp). Substantial flare is worked into the stem and stern above the waterline to gain buoyancy for work in waves. This extra volume also helps to reduce "squatting" at sprint speeds. Both boats have extremely narrow waterlines, 15-17" depending upon crew weight, which translates into effortless speed in the hands of a skilled paddler. Tracking is solid. Narrow boats can be a handful when surfing at speed, even for experts, so we have made a retractable skeg standard in the kits.The Pax 20™ is best suited to strong paddlers who have found themselves limited by "hull speed" in a smaller boat. With an 11" deep cockpit and enough footroom for size 12's, most long-legged paddlers should be comfortable. While the Pax 20 is only 19.5" wide, primary and secondary stability are surprisingly friendly due to the hard chines and long immersed length.

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Boat Launchings

Boat Launchings


After having some uneasy rows on the Strait of Georgia, I decided that a self-bailing sliding sea

Boat Launchings


This Didi 23 was built over the course of 2 years and 4 months.